Friday, November 25, 2011

Want to help but can't adopt a family...

Here is a list of things that can we use for one or more families:
Gift Cards for Gas
Gift Card for Groceries
Canned Green Beans
Instant Potatoes
Hams or turkeys
Stove Top
Cake mix and icing or pie kit
biscuit or roll mix
Cars 2 Toys
Ds Games
mp3 players
infant and toddler toys
Boys clothes in 6/9 months, 18/24 months, 2t,4t,5t, 4,6,8,10,12,14,16
Girls Clothes in 2t, 4t,6x,7/8,10,12
Thomas the train toys
size 5 diapers, baby wipes ( more then one family in this size)
crib, infant blankets,etc
Washer and or dryer
guitar for a child
civil war/history items
wrapping paper
Disney Princess, Mickey Mouse toys

Families Up For Adoption..

Just Email us at for info on how to adopt one.. And use the number for the family you want to help!!
The Wishing Star
Family #2 Wishes: Washer and Dryer Clothing and toys for children for Christmas Wish for Parent: Gift cards for gas, or stamps. A new couch... Age: 7 Sex: M Clothing Size

Family #12: One Wish for Parent (s): Gift card for clothes
Age: 14 months Sex: male... Clothing Size: Shirts: 18-24 months 2t 3t Pants: 18-24months 2t 3t Shoes 6c size 5 diapers Special Needs: diapers, wipes, bath toys, and shower stuff Toy or likes: cars, monkeys, Thomas the train :
Shirts: 10 Pants: 7 Husky Shoes 4 Underwear 8/10 Toy or likes: plasma car, weighted blanket, anything to do with outer space,legos, playmobil
Age: 9 Sex: F Clothing Size: Shirts: 8/10 Pants: 8 reg/10 slim Shoes 3 Underwear childrens 8/10 Toy or likes: Anything to do with Puppies, from Justice, Harry Potter, loves Science, Art and Books. Wishes for a keyboard or piano She asked Santa for new shoes, her's are too small.
Age:14 Wishes for xbox 360 games or ipod