Saturday, December 31, 2011

Projects for 2012~*~*~*

April: Easter Baskets for Children and Spring Clothing drive

August: Back to School Help with Clothes and Bookbags of goodies

November: Thanksgiving

December: Christmas

Monday, December 12, 2011

Head down to see Our Wishing Star Tree..

Adopt a Star at our Tree starting tomorrow after 2 pm :
The Crazy Cupcake
Hours- Tue:11:00 am-4:00 pmWed - Thu:11:00 am-6:00 pm
Fri:12:00 pm-6:00 pmSat:11:00 am-7:00 pm

More families:

Spotlight on Family #16 wishes for a Bed ( They have a two bedroom, but they sleep on the couch that folds out because they do not have a bed for their room). But i'm not sure if that's a little much, so they would appreciate anything! Maybe a food basket? They have a two year old son with devlopmental delays ( also nominated by an agency)
Famiy #21 Wishes:Christmas Help for our 3 beautiful children One Christmas wish for each parent: Mother: Prayers that my husband will find work before his layoff... Father: Prayers for finding a job Children Info: Name: Gracie Age: 4 Sex: F Clothing Size: 7/8 girls Shirts: 7/8 Pants: 7/8 Shoes : 13 Underwear childrens : 8 girls Special Needs: hearing impaired Toy or likes: hello kitty, lalaloopsy dolls, disney princess, Name: Ava Age: 7 months Sex: F Clothing Size: 9 - 12 months Shirts: 9-12 months Pants: 9-12 months Shoes: we don't have any shoes for her, but I would think 9-12 months Underwear childrens size 2 Diapers Special Needs: slight developmental delay Toy or likes: she doesn't have any toys except one stuffed rabbit snuggle blanket, so anything would be fine
Family #2
Disabled Mother, special needs children, father is in prison.
Wishes: Washer and Dryer Clothing and toys for children for Christmas
Wish for Parent: Gift cards for gas, or stamps. A new couch...
Age: 7 Sex: M Clothing Size: Shirts: 8 Pants: 7 Husky Shoes 4 Underwear 8/10 Toy or likes: plasma car, weighted blanket, anything to do with outer space,legos, playmobil
Age: 9 Sex: F Clothing Size: Shirts: 8/10 Pants: 8 reg/10 slim Shoes 3 Underwear childrens 8/10 Toy or likes: Anything to do with Puppies, from Justice, Harry Potter, loves Science, Art and Books. Wishes for a keyboard or piano She asked Santa for new shoes, her's are too small.
Age:14 Wishes for xbox 360 games or ipod
Let us remember that the Christmas heart is a giving heart, a wide open heart that thinks of others first. George Matthew Adams

The Wishing Star Family #23 Wishes: ... One Christmas wish for each parent: walmart gift cards, or any of these appliances: waffle maker, washer and dryer, baby bullet, triple crockpot with removeable pots, deep freezer, or new pots/pans, size full bedding, etc. Age: 3 1/2 (Will be 4 in 3 months) Sex: F Clothing Size: Shirts: 5t Pants: 5t Shoes:9 Underwear: 4t-5t Childrens Special Needs: winter boots and coat with hood Toy or likes: My little pony, little people, computers, educational games or toys, crayola color wonder sets. Age: 3 MONTHS Sex: F Clothing Size: Shirts: 3-6 months Pants: 3-6 months Shoes:1 Underwear: Pampers 1 or 2 Childrens Special Needs: New Crib and changing table set, diapers, snow suit Toy or likes: Rainforest Jumperoo, teething toys or interactive toys.

Family #19 Boy age 10: pants(12 husky) shirts(10-12) shoes(5) underware( boxers 10-12) likes football, military, planes and helicopters Boy age 7: pants(7) shirts (8) shoes(3) Likes animals(land and aquatic), dragons, dinosaurs, birds Girl age 4: pants(4t) shirts(4t-5) dresses(5) shoes(10) Likes PINK!!!!, princesses, dolls, dressup, ponies

Family #22

Just one of the families we are helping this Christmas.. I wish for my 3 kids to have a christmas. Boots, Jackets, Clothes, Socks. I have 3 kids 15 year daughter that has Autism, 11 year old daughter that has Anixety , depression, and a 4 year old baby boy that has speech problems. Just recently, My husband moved to florida to work, I was suppose to move right before thanksgiving, He took everything...I thought he was paying my cable, power, I just found out he has not paid anything for 2 months, I just had a church help me with power bill.. 4 days before I was suppose to move, He told me He was having affair, He left me and my three kids hanging, He took all the money out of the bank.. My kids are heart broken, I have nothing, I would of signed them up on angel tree if I knew he was leaving us, But I had NO ideal he was going to leave me and my 3 kids with special needs..I dont have a bed I am sleeping on a twin box spring , I just got giving a table and sofa giving to me. my mom gave me her flat screen Tv so I would have TV for kids. my kids have a bed . My rent is 595 , I only get 480 on SSI , Child support will not start until March..90 days. I am heart broken, Sad I would love for my kids to be happy. They need clothes, Socks under clothes, Bras. Just clothes is all I am asking for..

Grab a tissue and watch this..

So I have been putting off watching this video but to make me feel so thankful for what all I do have.. I watched it, and you should too.. but get some tissues first..