Monday, December 12, 2011

More families:

Spotlight on Family #16 wishes for a Bed ( They have a two bedroom, but they sleep on the couch that folds out because they do not have a bed for their room). But i'm not sure if that's a little much, so they would appreciate anything! Maybe a food basket? They have a two year old son with devlopmental delays ( also nominated by an agency)
Famiy #21 Wishes:Christmas Help for our 3 beautiful children One Christmas wish for each parent: Mother: Prayers that my husband will find work before his layoff... Father: Prayers for finding a job Children Info: Name: Gracie Age: 4 Sex: F Clothing Size: 7/8 girls Shirts: 7/8 Pants: 7/8 Shoes : 13 Underwear childrens : 8 girls Special Needs: hearing impaired Toy or likes: hello kitty, lalaloopsy dolls, disney princess, Name: Ava Age: 7 months Sex: F Clothing Size: 9 - 12 months Shirts: 9-12 months Pants: 9-12 months Shoes: we don't have any shoes for her, but I would think 9-12 months Underwear childrens size 2 Diapers Special Needs: slight developmental delay Toy or likes: she doesn't have any toys except one stuffed rabbit snuggle blanket, so anything would be fine
Family #2
Disabled Mother, special needs children, father is in prison.
Wishes: Washer and Dryer Clothing and toys for children for Christmas
Wish for Parent: Gift cards for gas, or stamps. A new couch...
Age: 7 Sex: M Clothing Size: Shirts: 8 Pants: 7 Husky Shoes 4 Underwear 8/10 Toy or likes: plasma car, weighted blanket, anything to do with outer space,legos, playmobil
Age: 9 Sex: F Clothing Size: Shirts: 8/10 Pants: 8 reg/10 slim Shoes 3 Underwear childrens 8/10 Toy or likes: Anything to do with Puppies, from Justice, Harry Potter, loves Science, Art and Books. Wishes for a keyboard or piano She asked Santa for new shoes, her's are too small.
Age:14 Wishes for xbox 360 games or ipod

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