Monday, December 12, 2011

Family #22

Just one of the families we are helping this Christmas.. I wish for my 3 kids to have a christmas. Boots, Jackets, Clothes, Socks. I have 3 kids 15 year daughter that has Autism, 11 year old daughter that has Anixety , depression, and a 4 year old baby boy that has speech problems. Just recently, My husband moved to florida to work, I was suppose to move right before thanksgiving, He took everything...I thought he was paying my cable, power, I just found out he has not paid anything for 2 months, I just had a church help me with power bill.. 4 days before I was suppose to move, He told me He was having affair, He left me and my three kids hanging, He took all the money out of the bank.. My kids are heart broken, I have nothing, I would of signed them up on angel tree if I knew he was leaving us, But I had NO ideal he was going to leave me and my 3 kids with special needs..I dont have a bed I am sleeping on a twin box spring , I just got giving a table and sofa giving to me. my mom gave me her flat screen Tv so I would have TV for kids. my kids have a bed . My rent is 595 , I only get 480 on SSI , Child support will not start until March..90 days. I am heart broken, Sad I would love for my kids to be happy. They need clothes, Socks under clothes, Bras. Just clothes is all I am asking for..

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