Thursday, February 21, 2013

Operation Easter Hope 2013: Applications


Our Easter Applications are for families with children
under the age 10 or those with children with a disability.

 To submit via email 

please provide the following before 3/12/2013:



Phone Number

Number of Family members:

Gross Income:

Total amount of bills:

Do you get EBT? Tanaf? Or Tn-care?

Have you applied for Easter  assistance elsewhere?

(We ask if you have not to apply here)

Why do you need help with Easter this year?

Please provide a short statement on how The Wishing Star could make your Holidays brighter ( the story ( not your info or names) will be shared via facebook, and other media).

What county do you live in? ( We ask that you reside in The Tri-Cities TN/VA area (Greene, Hawkins, Sullivan, Washington, Johnson, carter, Unicoi counties etc.)

Are you able to travel to The Crazy Cupcake in Jonesborough to pick up your gifts and dinner? You will be responsible for picking it up. We will not have deliveries.

No shows will not be allowed to apply for further assistance.

Are you or anyone in your home disabled or have medical issues?

For Each Child Please Provide


Shoe/Sock Size:
Underwear Size:
Dress or Suit Size:


Does your child have any allergies or disabilities? Or other special needs?

If you submit via email and not in person you be asked to provide ID & proof of your children are your children, when picking up your gifts. ( Your recent DHS award letter is enough if you have one) Pick ups will be the week before Easter.